We live in an era where funding world wars is a bigger priority than feeding the hungry,curing the ill,or caring for others. Astronomical amounts of money is wasted every given second on causing destruction and harm all around the world than saving lives. The GIVEAFXCK CAMPAIGN is a Non-Profit collective [pending 501 (c)(3)] started by a few young individuals who dare to try to make a difference in this world. Every month, a local/international charitable foundation is chosen via CharityNavigator.Org,but via polls in the near future once a webpage is established. A donation goal is set for every month,and when the goal is met,the proceeds are donated to that organization.

Thankfully we live in an age where networking with peers and others with similiar views is simple, thanks to social networking,especially with platforms like Tumblr. Therefore this message is being spread,to reach the masses,and to hopefully make a difference,minus any BS politics being involved.

That being said, this month’s charitable organization is:

Last Chance For Animals,based out of Los Angeles. Their goal is to protect the rights of animals worldwide,who are being exploited and worse,killed,on a daily basis.

Below is a link to the GIVEAFXCK shop,where there are two types of stickers you may purchase, each being less than $2. If you have the means to contribute , please show your support by clicking on the link below,or click the main image above. Thank you and keep GIVING A FXCK!


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